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Learn Flash in step-by-step lessons.

introductionIntroduction to Flash

What is Flash?, Different Types of Projects, Animation in Flash, Vectors vs. bitmaps, ActionScript3, Self Study Questions

startGetting Started

Demo of Flash Environment, Flash uses Strokes and Fills, Working with layers, Modify Document

garagesaleProject: An Ad for a Garage Sale

Change the document size to 8"x10", Bring pictures into Flash, Add text to the Garage Sale Ad and Print

slideshowSlide-Shows: Using Frames

The Alcatraz movie, Demo: Creating the Alcatraz Movie

seasonsSeasons: Adding drawings to the slide show

The Seasons Movie, Demo: Creating The Seasons Movie, Adding a Snowman to the Seasons movie, Adding some Flowers to the Seasons movie, Adding a Kite to the Seasons movie, Adding a Jack-O-Lantern to the Seasons movie

modifyModify Shapes

Modify Shapes, Draw a red square, Modify with the selection tool, Modify with the sub-selection tool, Modify with the Free Transform tool, Create new Shapes by Adding or Subtracting Shapes

shapesDrawing Basic Shapes

The Selection Tool, The Lasso Tool, The Pencil tool, The Pen Tool, The Line Tool & Line Styles, The Rectangle Tool, The Oval Tool, The PolyStar tool, The Subselection Tool, The Eraser tool

flowersFlowers: Experimenting with tools

Flower 1 starts with an oval, Flower 2 uses a polystar, Flower 3 uses an eraser, Flower 4 shows how to work with groups

colorWorking with Color

RGB Colors, Selecting a color, Kids: Getting skin color right

bitmapsWorking with bitmaps

Importing bitmaps

movieclipsMovie Clips: Drawings in the Library

Bug 1: A bug movie clip, Bug 2: More Bugs, Bug 3: Color Effect & Filters


Animation in Flash, Frame Animation: A traffic light, Demonstration: Creating the traffic light, Motion Tween: A swimming fish, Shape Tweening: From a red square to a blue circle, Shape Tweening Demonstration: From a red square to a blue circle, Property Tweening: Changing the alpha value, Property Tweening Demo: Changing the alpha value, A Scrolling Background, Create a Scrolling Background Demo

bonesThe Bone Tool

A Puppet, A Snake: Demo of Bone tool, A Snake: Bone tool with snake segments, Draw the Arm, The Bone Tool, Runtime Bones, Constraints

precisionDrawing with Precision

Precision, Rulers & Guide Lines, The Grid, Using Align, Align, continued, Self Study Questions

toolbarThe Toolbar

maskThe Mask Layer

Demo: Create a Mask layer, Example: City Lights, Example: Flowers (flashlight), Example: Water


Frames of a Button, Make your own button, Add sound to a button, Duplicate a Button, Invisible Buttons, Make an Invisible button Demonstration, Movie with labels

classesClasses: Using Pre-written ActionScript

Introduction to Using Classes, Preferences: Finding the Class Files, Spinner Class, Using the Spinner Class: Demo, Gravity Bounce, Water Class, Clicker Clown, The Document Class, Create New Movie with the Navigation Class, A Puzzle Document Class, Puzzle Demo, The Bear Puzzle


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